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  <TITLE>Qtopia BlueZ Bluetooth GUI - Home</TITLE>
  <META name="DESCRIPTION" content="Website for the Qtopia BlueZ Bluetooth GUI application for controlling various Bluetooth features on a Linux based mobile device">
  <META name="KEYWORDS" content="Qtopia,Bluez,Bluetooth,Zaurus,PDA,Linux,GUI,GPL">
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    <IMG src="images/zaurus-photo.png" border="0" width="100" height="156"
          align="right" alt="Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA">
      Welcome to the home page for the 
      [<A href="">Qtopia</A>]
      [<A href="">BlueZ</A>]
      [<A href="">Bluetooth</A>] <ACRONYM title="Graphical User Interface">GUI</ACRONYM> application, an 
      open-source application licensed under the 
      <A href="">GNU GPL</A>.
      This application is initially targetted at the 
      <A href="">Sharp Zaurus</A> line of Linux 
      <ACRONYM title="Personal Digital Assistant">PDA</ACRONYM>s to control all 
      features of the [<A href="">BlueZ</A>]
      [<A href="">Bluetooth</A>] framework, which is 
      used to drive a range of Compact Flash Bluetooth cards.
      Eventually it is hoped that this application will work with
      <A href="">BlueZ</A> installations on a range of 
      <A href="">Zaurus
        <ACRONYM title="Read-Only Memory image - a copy of the device's operating system">ROM</ACRONYM>s</A> and other Linux devices. It will 
      always remain a <A href="">Qtopia</A> 
      based application, although it should be possible for it to work with the 
      <A href="">OPIE environment</A>.
      This project is currently at the pre-alpha stage. The initial release is  
      being worked on, so please keep checking back to see the progress. You can 
      also look at the projected feature sets and release dates on the
      <A href="roadmap.php">Roadmap</A> page.
      If you wish to support this project with time and skills, please contact 
      <A href="">tumnus_cp</A>. If you 
      prefer, you can donate money to this project using the Support button 
      at the bottom of this page, which will be used to purchase devices for 
      testing and provide further incentive to finish ;) .
      Last, but not least, thanks to SourceForge for kindly hosting this project 
      for free.</P>
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