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Release Date
0.1.0 Early Oct 2005
Features in this release:
  • Editing of general Bluetooth features (e.g. whether your device can be seen by others and whether other devices can connect to yours.)
  • Updating and adding Compact Flash Bluetooth card profiles that use existing BlueZ drivers.
  • Discovering other Bluetooth devices and pairing. In particular, registering DUN/SP connections for use with the dialup networking.
Some of this has already been done by me (tumnus_cp) and I should complete the rest on schedule.
0.2.0 Dec 2005(ish)
Features in this release:
  • OBEX Push support - The most common way of sending a file such as an image or contact details over Bluetooth on mobile devices.
  • OBEX FTP support - A fairly basic file transfer protocol over Bluetooth, but more advanced than OBEX Push.
I will probably need help with the OBEX stuff.
0.3.0 Jan 2006(ish)
Features in this release:
  • Ability to enable/disable incoming Bluetooth services to you device, based on the Bluetooth profiles.
  • Ability to specify a helper application for certain services, for example, for incoming DUN/PAN connections.

0.4.0-0.9.9 Feb-Apr 2006(ish)
Features in these releases:
  • Lots of bugfixes/improvements based on user feedback.
  • Include support for other devices than the Zaurus and other ROMs/GUI environments (e.g. OPIE)
Besides the user feedback, the support for different devices and ROMs will require a range of people to develop and test.
1.0.0 Jun 2006(ish)
Hopefully this release will just be a case of finishing off some rough edges.
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